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Idabel’s Bevin Strawn – Golf Spotlight – Presented by Pine Cellular

At Idabel High School, Bevin Strawn, a junior, stands out as a dedicated athlete and the cheer manager for the IHS squad. With a passion for golf, Bevin approaches every endeavor with unwavering determination and a deep sense of purpose.

Her motivation stems from a profound faith. “God motivates me in everything I do. He has been there for me through it all.” Additionally, Bevin draws inspiration from her late best friend, Noelia Sanchez. “Everything I do is for her.”

Guiding Bevin along her journey is her father, whom she regards as her biggest role model. “He is hardworking, loving and is always positive.”

In the academic realm, Bevin is deeply influenced by two teachers who have made a significant impact on her life. Reflecting on their support, she said, “My Spanish teacher that taught me when I went to Broken Bow. She still checks on me to this day.  She cares, and it is rare to find teachers who care about their students the way she does. The other teacher that impacts me is Mrs. Tatum. she is always there to support me, give a listening ear and encourage me.”

When it comes to success in sports, Bevin emphasized the importance of dedication and practice. “Good coaches and lots of practice,” she noted, are key to athletic achievement.

While Bevin enjoys the competitive nature of golf, she maintains a focus on personal improvement rather than solely on defeating opponents. “I play golf for fun,” she said.

In her journey as a golfer, Bevin finds camaraderie and healthy competition with her teammate Emerson McElroy. “I love playing with her and we have a healthy competition between us.”

For Bevin, representing Idabel High School is a matter of pride and honor. “I have a lot of pride in my school. I love Idabel and the people in it. It means everything to me to represent my school.” 

Beyond sports, Bevin actively contributes to her school community through her involvement in clubs like honors society and cheer. Looking ahead, she plans to pursue higher education and a degree.

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