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Idabel’s Ronald Deramus – Golf Spotlight – Presented by Pine Cellular

A committed athlete who has a love for cross-country and golf, Ronald Deramus is a sophomore at Idabel High School and a proud member of the Idabel Warriors. Ronald is determined to succeed in every part of his sports career, and he has his sights set on earning a golf scholarship.

In golf and cross-country, Ronald doesn’t adhere to specific positions but approaches each sport with a determined mindset and a drive to succeed, focused on giving his best effort in both.

When it comes to motivation and inspiration, Ronald credits his father as his biggest role model. 

For Ronald, success in sports requires dedication and practice. “A lot of practice” is key to improving and excelling in golf and cross-country. His commitment to honing his skills has already led to notable achievements, such as being the top bag on his golf team, a highlight in his budding athletic career.

Looking ahead, Ronald has ambitious goals and aims to achieve even greater milestones in both golf and cross-country. “I plan to have bigger highlights.”

While Ronald doesn’t have a particular opponent he enjoys beating, he finds camaraderie and friendly competition with his teammate Tanner Burks. He also notes the hard work of fellow teammate Clay Loard, a player Ronald describes as underappreciated yet a vital member of the team.

In addition to his athletic pursuits, Ronald is focused on his academic and extracurricular goals. While he’s not currently involved in any clubs, he remains committed to his aspirations for the future. “My goal is to play college golf at a Division I school,” he shared.

For Ronald, representing Idabel High School is a source of pride and responsibility. “I take pride in my school,” he said. Through his dedication, Ronald Deramus exemplifies the spirit of perseverance and excellence that defines the Warriors’ athletic tradition.

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