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Idabel’s D’Zina “Dizzy” Richard – Powerlifting Spotlight – Presented by Mandy Knowles – Shelter Insurance

At Idabel High School, junior D’Zina Richard, affectionately known as “Dizzy,” is a force to be reckoned with in powerlifting, demonstrating not only physical strength but also a resilient mindset that sets her apart as a remarkable athlete and individual.

Dizzy’s journey into powerlifting began with a spark of self-motivation. When asked about her background and inspirations, she confidently mentions herself: “Myself, because my personality and self-reflection motivate me more than any book or anyone can.”

While self-motivation plays a significant role, Dizzy also draws inspiration from her closest mentor, her father. “My father is my BIGGEST role model because he never stops. He’s always working hard, and I see him in myself a lot.” This familial bond and shared work ethic have been instrumental in shaping Dizzy’s work ethic and determination.

Throughout her athletic journey, Dizzy has been guided by coach Michael Swafford, whom she regards highly: “Michael Swafford, he’s amazing and has helped me so much throughout the past years of high school and continues to help me even now.” The mentorship and support from coach Swafford have not only enhanced her performance but also instilled in her the values of discipline and perseverance.

Dizzy’s approach to balancing academics and athletics reflects her mature mindset. “To be successful in anything, you have to work hard and never let your thoughts get in your way.” This mindset has propelled her to achieve significant milestones, including making it to state competitions, where she proves her capability to excel on a larger stage.

Reflecting on her achievements, Dizzy shares a memorable moment: “Making it to state proves that I have the ability to become great.” Her journey is not without challenges, but she embraces them as opportunities for growth. “I enjoy beating myself because my biggest opponent is me. In life, it’s me vs me, which makes me push harder to become a greater me.”

Looking ahead, Dizzy envisions a future filled with exploration and personal growth. Beyond high school, she plans to travel the world alone, a testament to her independent spirit and thirst for new experiences.

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