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Idabel’s Haley Bee – Powerlifting Spotlight – Presented by Pine Cellular

Idabel High School student Haley Bee is a rising powerlifting athlete who personifies tenacity, willpower and an intense devotion to her craft.  With her unrelenting motivation and her teammates’ and family’s steadfast support, this ninth grader has already made a lasting impression in the powerlifting world.

For Haley, powerlifting isn’t just a sport—it’s a passion that drives her to push her limits and strive for excellence. With a singular focus on her future, she finds inspiration in her family and the promise of what lies ahead. “My family and thinking about my future motivate me the most,” she shared.

Guided by the wisdom and encouragement of her math teacher, Mrs. Michelle Hash, Haley has gleaned invaluable lessons that transcend the confines of the classroom. Mrs. Hash’s words echo in Haley’s mind, serving as a constant reminder that mastery comes through unwavering practice and dedication.

In the arena of powerlifting, Haley’s journey to success is underpinned by resilience, determination and a commitment to continuous improvement. She understands the importance of embracing failure as a steppingstone to growth, cultivating a spirit of determination, and above all, finding joy in the pursuit of her passion.

A defining moment in Haley’s burgeoning career came when she qualified and competed at the state level in 2023. Despite the nerves that accompanied such a significant event, Haley rose to the occasion, leaving a mark on the powerlifting stage.

Within her team, Haley finds camaraderie and inspiration in her teammate, Mya Murray. Their spirited rivalry in practice fuels Haley’s drive to reach her full potential, while Mya’s words of encouragement serve as a constant source of motivation.

As a member of various campus clubs and organizations, including Book Club and Idabel High FCCLA, Haley demonstrates her commitment to personal growth and community engagement beyond the weightlifting platform.

Looking towards the future, Haley harbors aspirations of pursuing higher education and embarking on a career in the healthcare field. With dreams of becoming a nurse or doctor, she envisions a future where she can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Representing her school and community holds profound significance for Haley—it’s not just about showcasing her skills, but also about embodying the values of teamwork, integrity, and service. “It means growing as a person to better understand how I can help others without me gaining anything from it.”

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