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Idabel’s Adicyn Pratt – Powerlifting Spotlight – Presented by Idabel Express Pharmacy

Adicyn Pratt, a powerhouse in both academics and powerlifting, embodies the essence of dedication and perseverance. Over the past two years, she has not only excelled in the realm of powerlifting but has also embraced academic challenges with fervor, showcasing her multifaceted talents.

For Adicyn, the journey into powerlifting was ignited by her brother, Kade Pratt, whose passion for the sport served as the catalyst for her own endeavors. “My brother, Kade Pratt, was my inspiration for my powerlifting journey. His passion for the sport and his invitation to join him inspired me to start lifting,” she shared.

Balancing the rigors of academics and athletics requires impeccable organizational skills and effective time management, qualities that Adicyn has honed through dedicated effort and practice. Juggling advanced classes in English, civics and anatomy alongside her powerlifting commitments and participation in the academic team demonstrates her unwavering determination to excel in every aspect of her life.

Adicyn’s high school sports career boasts remarkable achievements, including competing at the state level in powerlifting and receiving a nomination for the NASA powerlifting high school women’s championship. These milestones serve as testaments to her dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence in her athletic endeavors.

In the face of challenges, such as overcoming plateaus in her bench press weight, Adicyn’s resilience and determination shine through. Through intense training and pushing her limits, she conquered hurdles and emerged stronger and more resilient than ever.

Being part of a team has been a transformative experience for Adicyn, instilling invaluable life skills such as leadership, patience, sportsmanship, discipline and respect.

Before each competition, Adicyn follows a pre-competition ritual that includes wearing her lucky converse and mentally visualizing each lift, preparing herself both mentally and physically for the challenges ahead.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of her coaches, especially at IC Fitness, Adicyn expresses gratitude for their guidance and mentorship. Through their teachings, she has learned about discipline, perseverance and mental strength, which have been instrumental in her athletic development.

Looking ahead, Adicyn Pratt plans to pursue higher education in college, aspiring to specialize in the healthcare field while continuing her career in powerlifting. With her unwavering determination and an unbreakable spirit, she is poised to leave her mark on both the academic and athletic realms.

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