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Idabel’s Kynli Sky Akard – Powerlifting Spotlight – Presented by Weyerhaeuser

At Idabel High, Kynli Sky Akard, known as Kynli Sky, isn’t just another junior. Engaged in
cheerleading, powerlifting, and numerous academic pursuits, her journey is as diverse as it
is inspiring.
Kynli draws inspiration from a constellation of influential figures. Her mother stands tall as
her unwavering support, embodying faith and resilience. “My mom believes in me even
when I don’t want to believe in myself. She’d be my #1 fan even if the whole world hated
me,” Kynli shared.
Mrs. Crystal Holt, Ms. Amber Hall and Mrs. Mallarey Matlock, figures within Idabel High’s
administrative and teaching staff, play pivotal roles in Kynli Sky’s life. Their mentorship
extends beyond the classroom, offering solace, encouragement, and invaluable life lessons.
“They wipe my tears and adjust my crown when I don’t have the courage to do so myself.”
For Kynli, success in sports and life hinges on maintaining a positive, open-minded attitude
and unwavering self-belief. “It’s what drives me in every pursuit, on and off the field.”
The rivalry against Broken Bow ignites passion and determination in Kynli and her
teammates. Amidst the competitive spirit, they forge bonds of camaraderie and mutual
respect, elevating their performances on and off the field.
In the fabric of every team lies an unsung hero. For Kynli Sky, D’Zina “Dizzy” Richards
embodies this role: “She radiates kindness and humility, contributing silently to our
Kynli’s engagement transcends sports. As class president and a member of various clubs
and societies, including National Honor Society and FCCLA, she leaves an incredible mark
on her school community.
Looking ahead, Kynli aspires to become a Real Estate Agent, fueled by a vision of service
and opportunity. Her journey exemplifies the power of determination and the pursuit of
Representing her school fills Kynli Sky with pride and purpose. “When I’m representing my
school, I make sure to do it with pride, a positive attitude, a smile on my face and a kind
heart.” She embodies the values of integrity, positivity and excellence, leaving an enduring
legacy at Idabel High School.

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