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Idabel’s Quintasia Johnson – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Weyerhaeuser

A bright example of commitment, tenacity and aspiration is Quintasia Johnson, a sophomore at Idabel High School. She epitomizes the spirit of determination and perfection with her exceptional athletic ability and academic achievements.

Quintasia’s athletic pursuits are diverse and dynamic. She excels in softball (both fast pitch and slow pitch), basketball, track and cheerleading, showcasing her versatility and passion for sports.

“In softball, I play centerfield, while on the basketball court, I am a forward,” Quintasia explained.

Among Quintasia’s role models is her best friend, Mya Murray, whose resilience and determination in the face of adversity serve as a constant source of inspiration. Reflecting on her mentors, she credits her second-grade teacher, Ms. Betty Warren, for instilling in her the values of perseverance and tenacity.

“She never let me give up even when things got hard and because of her, and the help of a lot of my other mentors, I am the young lady I am today,” Quintasia recalled, acknowledging the profound impact her teacher had on her life’s trajectory.

Quintasia acknowledges the significance of hard work and discipline in her athletic pursuits. “It has taken a lot of hard work and discipline to be successful in my sports, and though I’m not yet where I want to be, I am not where I used to be,” she remarked.

Among the highlights of Quintasia’s career are winning the state championship with her track teammates and qualifying for regionals in softball. These accomplishments serve as a nod to her dedication and resilience on the field.

“I enjoy beating Broken Bow the most in all sports,” Quintasia said, citing the satisfaction derived from overcoming past setbacks against their rivals.

Quintasia is actively involved in various school clubs and organizations, including FCA, FCCLA, NHS, STUCO, Key Club, Spanish Club, Art Club and Leo Club, demonstrating her commitment to both her academic and extracurricular pursuits.

With her sights set on higher education, Quintasia plans to attend college and pursue a degree in law, aspiring to become a lawyer and make a meaningful impact in her community and beyond.

For Quintasia, representing Idabel High School and her community is a profound honor. “It means so much to me to represent such an amazing and successful school in everything that I do.”

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