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9 Questions with Idabel’s Mya Murray  – Powerlifting Spotlight – Presented by Mandy Knowles Shelter Insurance

VYPE: Can you tell us a bit about your journey in academics and sports? 

Mya Murray: I have maintained a 3.65 GPA while actively engaging in honor classes and participating in a range of sports such as fast and slow pitch softball, track, cheer and powerlifting. Additionally, I have proudly served as my class president for the past two years. As a freshman, I achieved remarkable success in powerlifting, becoming the 181-pound girls state champion and breaking the Oklahoma state deadlifting record with a deadlift of 395 pounds. Not only that, but I also tied the overall state record with a lift of 855 pounds, making me the first-ever female powerlifting state champion in my school’s history. 

VYPE: What inspired you to start playing your sport? 

MM: While I was training during summer pride, I unexpectedly developed a deep appreciation for lifting heavy weights as it not only helped me gain physical strength, but also nurtured my mental toughness, which I absolutely love.

VYPE: Which athlete, professional or otherwise, do you look up to and why?

MM: David Scoggins, a veteran, possessed a strong determination to become the best and achieve his goals. He refused to let anyone’s opinions define his path to success.

VYPE: How do you balance the demands of academics and athletics in your daily schedule? 

MM: I prioritize my academics first because I know without that, it is impossible to do what I love. I value organization and understand its importance in achieving my goals.

VYPE: Can you share a memorable moment or achievement from your high school sports career? 

MM: A memorable moment is the day that I became Idabel High School’s first girls powerlifting state champion, breaking the Oklahoma deadlifting state record and tying the overall state record.

VYPE: What challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them? 

MM: The challenges that I have faced in my sports journey include rejection and not feeling good enough. However, I have come to realize that having the right mentality, with faith in God, is essential. Pleasing others or oneself will never be enough without that foundation. It is important to be true to yourself, follow God’s word, and trust in His plan. 

VYPE: How has being part of a team influenced your personal growth and character development?

MM: Being part of a team has helped me come out of my comfort zone in various ways. It has provided encouragement in areas where I lacked confidence and brought out hidden talents and strengths that I can share with others. Being part of a team allows for collaboration and support, pushing me to grow and improve both individually and as a collective unit. 

VYPE: What role do your coaches play in your development as an athlete?

MM: My coaches always have high expectations for me, especially my coach since fifth grade, Coach Princess – who also happens to be my mom. No matter how well I perform, she believes there’s always more potential within me. 

VYPE: What are your plans after high school? 

MM: After high school, my plans include enlisting in the military reserves, studying business management at the University of Oklahoma and potentially playing a college sport. Alongside my military career, I aim to pursue my dream of owning a fitness center franchise. 

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