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Q & A with Idabel’s Ivan Colbert Presented by Shelter Insurance – Mandy Knowles

By Payton Moody 

VYPE: Who has been your favorite coach throughout your career and how did they impact you as a player? 

Ivan Colbert: I don’t really have a favorite coach.  Since I moved to Idabel, I have had some good coaches that really care.

VYPE: Did you have any teammates that you admire or that supported you?

IC: Baker Hoskins.  We really push each other a lot and he’s a good friend.  We’re both competitive so we encourage one another, but we’re also pushing one another.

VYPE: Who was your favorite teacher and how were they influential in your life? 

IC: Mrs. Edmonson.  She is my math teacher.  I’m not bad at math, but I’m not great at it and she always helps me a lot when I need it.  I can always count on her help and she takes the time to explain it to me.

VYPE: What preparation have you taken this off-season to better equip yourself for the upcoming season?

IC: I’ve put in a lot of miles in the off season.  I have been running more and more to help get some distance in.

VYPE: What has your sport taught you that you use in your daily life?

IC: When it gets tough you can’t quit, That’s when you have to push through.

VYPE: What has been your favorite memory in your sport?

IC:  My favorite memory is winning the 2nd XC meet I have ever ran. I finished 1st today. (day of interview and meet – 8/26/2023)

VYPE: What do you hope to accomplish this season (individual or team goals)?

IC: We want to go back to the State Championships again and improve on what we did last year.  Last year was the first Idabel boys team to ever make it to State.

VYPE: What matchup are you most looking forward to this season?

IC: We ran a lot against other local teams but were in different divisions.  We compete with one another, but  cheer each other on during regionals and state.  So, I guess my answer would be beating some more of the guys from Wright City and Battiest.  Those two programs have some good runners.  They’re great distance schools.

VYPE: What are your plans after high school?

IC: I’m a sophomore.  I’m not even halfway done with high school.  I haven’t even really thought about it.  I’d probably like to play a sport in college though.  

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